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International CACOS Empresarial and Editora Os Semeadores

Dear Friends,

I have the honor to announce the creation of the International CACOS Enterprise (ICE), an audacious project which only became feasible through the worldwide success of the book “CACOS funcionais”, and the association with the prestigious Editora Os Semeadores, as well as of partnerships with  professionals from several different  areas as juridical , foreign trade, translations, medical/dental, and many more, already affiliated or aspiring to membership, according the interests and ethics of the Project and respect to the customer.
Thanks to all of you the name CACOS will become a Trademark (MR)., and today we reached 6000 followers, via FaceBook/CACOS. BRASIL-001, fan page  and e-mail .
Located at "Brasília Corporate Center, SCN 2 Bl A nº 190, Asa Norte, Brasília-DF-Brazil - CEP 70712-900" , ICE aims to become your official dispatcher services throughout Brazil and abroad, providing services ranging from getting the legalization of different documents, including student`s,  hiring of  translators, medical-dental, legal, accounting, business, etc. professionals. 
In order to fulfill its goals, ICE is constituted of the following departments:
·       EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT: where your chronicle, story, romance, poetry, will leave the dream for the reality of your book! - Proposal: evaluation, edition, layout, art, registration, publication, translation, promotion, launch, event, sale and/or distribution.
·   SERVICE PROVIDING DEPARTMENT: solution for documents in general, bank obstacles, real estate, constitution of your company, commercial physical address, etc.
·  DEPARTMENT OF LEGAL AFFAIRS: hiring of legal services and procedural supervision, in the areas of family, work, criminal, etc.).
·     DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH: even in the distance you can contact our medical-dental partners, arrange consultations, treatments or surgeries.
ü  Contacts:
ü  Fanpage:, although it will be fully improved according to our new status.
Please share this message with all of your friends and family,
Best regards, Cesar Arévalo 

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